• How far ahead do I have to schedule?
    Callers generally schedule cranes from one to several days in advance. The greater the lead-time, the greater the likelihood of securing a convenient time for you. Shorter jobs can be worked into the schedule more easily (even the same day), more complex jobs require more planning and lead-time. Jobs requiring site-inspection and/or permits may require 2 to 5 days depending on circumstances.
  • How do I know what kind of crane I need?
    To ensure the accuracy of the requirements to complete the job, it is suggested that you contact our knowledgeable staff to determine which crane best fits your needs. We also offer free onsite job checks.
  • What lifting information does the dispatcher need?
    Try to have all the following:

    • Accurate jobsite address/description.
    • Any special conditions, wires, trees, limited access, gate numbers, directions, etc.
    • Type and number of items being lifted.
    • Weights of items being lifted.
    • Lifting dimensions: height of building, closest access to building, horizontal distance from roof parapet to set-point. If we are not lifting onto a building or structure, know the horizontal distance and height from crane to load.
    • How long you think your job will take so we can set our schedule accordingly.
  • Can I schedule a crane for weekends or before & after hours?
    Yes. Our normal office hours are from 5a.m. to 5p.m. Monday thru Friday and you may call during these hours to schedule for anytime or day subject to availability. For after hour emergencies, all our regular number and a member of our team will either answer the phone or promptly return your phone call.
  • What about permits?
    There are many permit providers out there. Here at VonTour Crane & Rigging we will do the work for you. Our staff will contact the permit company and arrange the schedules.
  • How far does VonTour Crane & Rigging go?
    We go anywhere and everywhere. Anytime or place.
  • Do you charge more for traveling to more than one jobsite?
    We do not charge by the number of jobsites. Charges are based on accumulated time, portal to portal.
  • What are the charges for travel time?
    Whether a crane is on the road or at the jobsite, charges are accumulating. The hourly rate for that particular crane applies.